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There are different kinds of as well as wasps in the UK and also usually they do not cause a problem. Nevertheless, when they nest in your loft space or chimney they can be a large problem.

The Honey Bee colony is comprised of one queen, countless employees and also a couple of hundred drones. The queen lays the eggs. The employees, which live only a short time perform different tasks. The Queen procedures 16-20 mm. The employees 12-15mm and also the men 14-18mm. The honey bee is gold brown and also black with light orange/yellow rings on the abdomen. Because honey bees survive winter conditions, active nests will remain to broaden. Their visibility in position like chimney, roof covering gaps and also cavaties could create many problems.

The Bumble is a large blurry pest and also are black and also yellow in colouration. They are around 20mm in size or even more. Their nests are a lot smaller sized compared to that of the honey bee, the nest consisting of just a couple of hundred bees is abandoned at the end of the summertime. They typically nest in the ground, left mouse nests or among rubbish and also in wall cavaties.

The Mason/Mining Bee. There are several hundred species of different solitary , these all play a crucial function as pollinators. They live alone however in some cases countless solitary bees gather in a tiny location and also develop their nests together. It nests in holes and cracks in timber, stonework and also faulty masonary.

The Typical Wasp are unique yellow as well as black bugs that live in large organized swarms inside papery nests. They are seasonal, mostly energetic in between July the full details as well as late October. The Queen emerges from hibernation in mid April and by late summer the swarm gets to 3 to 5 thousand. They favour bakeshops, food mill, jam as well as drink manufacturing facilities and also confectioners.

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